RGB Imaging logoRGB Imaging is a locally owned business that stands out as one of the region’s premier photographers and videographers. Whether commercial or personal, defense or sports, still or motion, you want to ‘snap’ up their services!

Founded in 2007, owner Eric Wickham is no stranger to hard word. As a military veteran, Eric is self-disciplined, loyal and fights for what he believes in. And when he transitioned out of the Armed Forces, Eric took the photography and videography skills that he had learned as a hobby and made the leap to launch his own business.RGB Imaging skydiving photo

“Starting your own business certainly has its challenges,” says Eric. “Your professional future is not secure so, for me, that meant I drank lots of coffee, worked extremely hard, built relationships and learned all I could from other business owners.” However, Eric testifies that there are many perks to owning your own business. “I can be flexible with family and friends and I spend my days working in a profession that I am passionate about. Not everyone can say that!”

Made up of four staff members, Eric is committed to his staff and clients alike. He works diligently to ensure transparency and to give an excellent experience to all. And clearly he’s doing something right when his client listing ranges from the Department of Defense right through to private family portraits.

Eric’s work ethic is apparent as he strives to put client needs above his own profit. This is especially clear when he receives an inquiry for wedding photography. “A person’s wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives and if we don’t connect, their pictures are going to suffer. So I make sure that I sit down with the bride and groom before we book anything. I want to make sure that I am the right person to tell their story and if I am not, then I pass the job onto another photographer.”

RGB SeniorProm RGB Sushi photo RGB Blue-Ridge-VodkaIn a transient, military drenched community, Eric is an advocate of veterans starting their own businesses. However, he implores them to embrace new relationships and practice humility. “Aside from strong organizational and disciplinary skills, it’s time to forget all that you have learned. Be humble and seek education. And remember to learn from others, not compete with them. Then your business will thrive!”

RGB skylineatnightphotoCall (757) 339-0602 or visit rgbimaging.net for more information.