Member Spotlight: Salon @31st Day Spa & Salon Virginia Beach

//Member Spotlight: Salon @31st Day Spa & Salon Virginia Beach

Member Spotlight: Salon @31st Day Spa & Salon Virginia Beach

salon31st_ownerKim Torsiello is the new business owner of Salon @ 31st Day Spa & Salon, but far from new to the concept of operating a business. Before immigrating from Vietnam to the United States, her family operated a sugar farm and a yogurt dessert shop.

Kim’s involvement in the family business sparked her interest in being an entrepreneur. She went on to work in several family-owned businesses including restaurants, salons, tattoo parlors, barbershops, and spas.

salon31st_salon1Salon @ 31st Day Spa & Salon is a direct reflection of her diverse background and industry experience. They offer a wide range of salon and spa services including hair styling, facials, body treatments, eyelash enhancement, nail services, waxing, make-up, spray tan, and permanent make-up.

salon31st_salon2Being involved in the establishment of several businesses, Kim was not intimidated by the challenge of opening a new company. Starting a business doesn’t always take that long, depending on whether you purchase an existing business, or build one from scratch.

What takes time is developing the business, including the customer base, to bring the business to the level you desire. Although, on reflection, she wished she knew more about contingency planning when she launched. “Things don’t always go as planned. Most things take longer than expected such as construction, applications, deliveries, shipping, etc.

salon31st_salon3Things may also cost more than expected such as rents/leases, equipment replacement, utilities, etc [so] it’s important to have a plan B, C, and D.” Through ownership, Kim has discovered that the people and connections made along the way have given her the most satisfaction. “It is so rewarding to be surrounded, every day, by people who love their work and are so dedicated to it,” she said.

Being able to see the direct fruits of her labor has made the day-to-day challenges much less daunting. She continued, “Overcoming challenges are the stepping stones to success, which makes owning the business even more rewarding.”

Kim advises anyone starting a business to research, have a plan, take strategic risks, and most importantly, “base your business on something you love to do.”

Visit Salon @ 31st Day Spa & Salon
Owner: Kim Torsiello / Salon Manager: Michelle
Ocean 31, 213 Laskin Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone: (757) 233-2631
Facebook: Salon31st