At Smithfield Detailing & Pressure Washing, they do car washing the old fashion way — by hand! They are certified in Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating and are licensed and insured for any pressure washing needs.

Kent Johnson started his business fifteen years ago and has been serving the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas with detailing and pressure washing needs ever since.

Smithfield Detailing & Pressure Washing has everything from basic washes to full details that will have your car looking like it came off the show room floor. They also offer other services such as ceramic coating on anything from heavy machinery, vehicles, and purses.

During the pandemic, his business was booming. In fact, it had increased when compared to the previous year. However, since places have been opening back up and people have been traveling more, the business has slowed down. They have been dealing with this issue by pushing more advertising and marketing to surrounding towns and cities.

Kent’s future goals are to grow business through the rebrand and have their name well known throughout the Hampton Roads area! As of right now, this detailing and pressure washing business connects with the community through social media and by helping with pressure washing services for other small businesses in town.

When asked if he has any advice for people that want to open their own business, he replied, “Take advantage of free advertising like social media and absorb everything! Listen to friends, family and trust yourself. Write suggestions and ideas down to learn and grow.”

Written by Abby Schiano

Kent Johnson
Smithfield Detailing & Pressure Washing
1410 South Church Street Smithfield VA