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Bill Piersol is the founder of Synergy by Design, a Human Resources Consulting company located in Hampton Roads. Bill has worked with large scale human resources activities for over 25 years. Some of the bigger endeavors was as a Personnel Director for an organization of over 3,000 employees and then a Director of a pay processing center with over 45, 000 accounts.

He has also been the Human Resources Manager for a smaller non-profit, where he was the HR equivalent of head chef and bottle washer—doing everything from changing portal passwords, to running payrolls, chairing the hiring and on boarding processes, to investigating options and then executing changes to the company’s benefits packages. One thing he’s learned over the years, “if the HR processes and approaches are off, it allows all kinds of unnecessary and time-consuming chaos to take root.”

Why Synergy by Design Human Resources Consulting? “I take great pleasure in working with others to create the conditions for high performing organizations. Small and growing companies need to start with the basics. Starting off and the initial growth period is a critical time for businesses; and their employees are unequivocally a major, if not the major, key to success. Human resource processes are the conduit to staffing success and they encompass compliance issues on one hand to staff and organizational development on the other. An organization’s staff is their competitive advantage, this is irrefutable.”

The vast majority of new and growing small businesses can not afford the cost of a full-time, experienced, certified, and educated Human Resources Manager. And for a small staff, they don’t need a HR manager for forty hours a week. But they do need ready access to that HR expertise on a regular basis, and during key evolutions like the hiring process. That’s where a company like Synergy be Design can help. The hiring process is complex due to the human components of people looking for work while the company is looking for the best of the best fit—all of which has to happen in ways that are compliant with federal and state laws. Things like a focused job description and an understanding of what type of questions to ask and to follow-up with are important aspects of the hiring process.

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How else can a Human Resources consultant help? “Many valuable ways! Consultants can work with leadership to develop high performing workplace cultures. For instance, one of my favorite facilitated workshops is “Developing a Team of Experts into an Expert Team”. And just being available to provide experienced advice when those very tough HR issues pop up—and they will— is a tremendous value. The truth of the matter is most businesses have their share of HR horror stories, the key is to put yourself in the position to avoid them as much as possible.”

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