Written by Kylie Ross Sibert

Contact Mary at Yōō Clean LLC in Virginia Beach

Website: www.itsyooclean.com

Phone: 757-639-0307

Social Media: @itsyooclean

Email: yooclean@gmail.com

After 15 years of making her own all-natural, organic, and fragrance-free cleaning solutions and home products, Mary Yoo hit a point last year where she felt like it was now or never for turning her passion into a business.

“I started making my own products 15 years ago after struggling with migraines due to the chemicals in cleaning products. I had to educate myself and figure out what I could use to clean and keep myself and my family healthy”, Mary said. This is why she invented her All Natural All Purpose Cleaner. She used her All Purpose Cleaner to clean homes and commercial buildings and when her clients started requesting her products on a regular basis, she knew she was on to something. Mary also has a passion for educating people about healthier and safer options for cleaning your home or office.

In March of 2020 Mary launched her business, Yōō Clean LLC. She wanted to set an example for her daughter, Kylie, that you can be a strong independent woman and reach for your dreams. Although she knew it would be a struggle; she also knew if she was passionate and true to herself, she could make it work.

She participated in one farmer’s market before the whole country shut down due to COVID-19. At that point, she decided to focus on e-commerce. She created a website and set up Facebook shopping and offered “friendship bundles” (a bottle of Lemon All Purpose Cleaner paired with a room freshener) which ended up being a big hit for gifts. She also started offering free porch delivery for local orders.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Mary was faced with two major challenges. First, increasing the awareness of Yōō Clean products to grow online sales. Secondly, sourcing affordable, yet quality, packaging for her products. To help deal with these challenges, Mary has been investing in marketing, exploring popups, and wholesaling to help increase her exposure. She is also continuously researching and testing packaging to find the best fit.

Like most startups, Mary faced challenges along her entrepreneurial journey, one of those being an overstock of inventory. Looking back to when she first launched, “I wished I had taken the time to price everything out and figure out what I was going to need as far as inventory,” she said. “I ended up purchasing more than I needed and now I have an overflow of inventory.” Her advice to budding entrepreneurs, “Do your research and know the numbers!”.

For now, with vaccines being widely implemented and restrictions easing, she’s happy to connect and sell her products to a community she loves through e-commerce, social media, pop-up markets, and other events. The flexibility provided by owning her own business, along with the people she’s met along the way, is what keeps her motivated and moving forward. Once again she can set her sights on her long-term goal of selling her products to cleaning companies, hotels, restaurants, schools, daycares, and eventually opening her own storefront.

“From customers to wholesale partners, I’ve made some great friends since starting my business,” Mary shared. “When I can educate people on why using chemical-free products in their homes is important, and show them how the products work and the multifuntionality of them, they are excited to try them out. Once people use my products they become addicted and can noticeably smell and feel changes in their mood and air quality. What sets me apart from other companies is that I am 100% transparent in my ingredient listing. I feel like my destiny is being fulfilled. Being able to live out my passion is not something I take for granted. I wake up every morning being thankful for all that I have, all that I am capable of, and the people who continue to support me.”