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As a Retail Alliance member, you are part of an association made up of, and by, retailers. You will always be our main focus as we serve as your strategic partner for the success of your business.

Not only will you be part of a group that is focused on your industry, but you will have access to an array of valuable benefits and services: connect and collaborate with fellow members; promote your business and take advantage of numerous perks and savings; and tap into our programs, workshops and education to help your business succeed.

If your business is looking for a way to reach its greatest potential, Retail Alliance is here to help. Click here to download a 1 page benefit summary.


We provide many benefits to our members through education, advocacy, and products & services.

Advertising Opportunities
Education & Training
Buy Local LOVEVA Program
STRIVE: Loss Prevention
Member Spotlights
Mystery Shopping
Peer to Peer Collaboration
Ribbon Cuttings
Sports Tickets

Membership Levels

Minimum Inclusions



Co-Op Partner

$195 / Year (1-5 Employees)
$295 / Year (6+ Employees)
$700 / Year $1,250 / Year
Full Member Benefits ✓ 1 Store ✓ Up To 5 stores
LOVEVA Inclusion
If eligible. Additional LOVEVA locations ($25 each)
✓ 1 Store ✓ Up To 5 stores
Website branding, Retail Angles branding,
and E-newsletter promotion
✓ E-newsletter ✓ E-newsletter
✓ Website
✓ E-newsletter
✓ Website
✓ Retail Angles
STRIVE Workshops and
Loss Prevention Meetings
Mystery Shop ✓ 1 Shop Per Quarter ✓ 3 Shops Per Quarter
Member Advisor Meeting ✓ 1 Visit Per Quarter ✓ 1 Visit Per Quarter ✓ 1 Visit Per Quarter
Retail Advocacy
Local, State, and Federal
Retail Alliance Meet & Greets (2x month)
Retail Breakfast Club (quarterly)
Retailer of the Year
✓ Meet & Greets ✓ Meet & Greets
✓ RBC (2 tickets and table)
✓ Meet & Greets
✓ RBC (2 tickets and table)
✓ ROTY (2 tickets)
Retail Partner Price
$225 / year (1-5 employees)
$325 / year (6+ employees)
Co-op Tenant Offer
Receive a basic level
membership for any tenant
under a Co-op Partner for a
discounted price of $145 / year

We aspire to contribute every day to your success.

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Membership Savings

We work with reputable service partners to provide our members with benefits and cost savings
to help grow their business and save money at the same time. Our members also provide discounts to fellow members to help the local retail community and support each other.