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Ability Center of Virginia (formerly Cerebral Palsy of Virginia) was established in April 1984 with the mission to provide programs and services to support the needs of individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. The Ability Center programs emphasize community, inclusion, personal independence, social and occupational skill, and positive team-building between people with and without disabilities.

The Ability Center of Virginia was built upon the belief that those in our communities with different abilities add value and contribute. The ArtWorks program is the embodiment of that belief. This program at the Ability Center of Virginia provides an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful, social peer to peer interactions while creating an outlet for creative and personal self-expression. ArtWorks helps occupational skills and meets weekly throughout the academic school year to create a variety of handcrafted cards. You name it, they can create it!

As an organization, the Ability Center of Virginia is a presence in the community by consistently seeking opportunities for the abled and differently abled bodies to interact, collaborate, and come together. They are employing those same philosophies and efforts to spread word about the ArtWorks program. These grassroots efforts are making a difference for people in our community and growing the program.

As a small non-profit with a growing retail line, the Ability Center of Virginia is challenged to dedicate the time and resources needed to propel the ArtWorks program to the next level. Ever present in their minds is the mission to improve the lives of those with disabilities in our area.

The challenge they currently face is balancing their dedication to Artworks and their efforts to grow a retail presence for the good of the program and those they serve, because they fill such a unique opportunity in the market. Although there are countless card manufacturers, the ArtWorks Program offers something unique, because all cards are hand crafted by those with different abilities. The proceeds are used to directly support the program and the artist.

The Ability Center of Virginia is proud to offer a product that is not only beautiful but meaningful. They have big dreams and they are working to grow into them as their ultimate goal is to be present in the retail card market, and to grow the ArtWorks program into one that services as many participants that are interested in participating. They would also like to have an online presence and hope ultimately, the revenue generated from the card line will allow the Ability Center of Virginia to grow their space and program.

Ability Center office

The Ability Center of Virginia is located off of Newtown Road in Virginia Beach. This year has been a big year of growth as they have expanded their retail presence from four to eight locations. Their handcrafted cards can be found at The Royal Chocolate, Sugar Plum Bakery, Taylor’s Do It Centers, The Beach Nut located in Waterman’s restaurant, Colonial Shooting Academy, Worth The Wait, Delightful Diggs, and Lewis Accounting Services.

Recently, they opened the program to include several new artists and have been fortunate to have a handful of new volunteers join the team. Big things are happening at the Ability Center of Virginia!

Ability Center of Virginia can be found at 5825 Arrowhead Dr Ste 201 Virginia Beach, VA 23462. To contact them, call (757) 497-7474. To keep up with their latest news and events, visit or