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Boyer’s Diamonds was founded by Dr Hardin Boyer and Meredith Boyer in 1987, when they opened their first store in Williamsburg, VA. Their mission was simple; To offer fine jewelry at reasonable prices with exceptional customer service. From the beginning, they’ve built a firm and loyal customer base by fulfilling that mission throughout the years.

In August 2011, after much deliberation, the Boyers sold the business to David Cohen, a trusted friend and diamond wholesaler from Virginia Beach, VA, with philosophies like theirs that would allow their legacy to live on by keeping their name and staff.

David’s expertise with diamonds is what helps make Boyer’s Diamonds stand apart. David apprenticed in the diamond district in Israel, to be a diamond cutter which led him to purchasing diamonds directly from the mines in Africa.

After spending three decades as a diamond wholesaler based in the Hampton Roads area with customers nationwide, his experience leads to show, he knows more than the average jeweler. This knowledge combined with his business philosophy, and customer service practice of treating everyone like family, is what helps keep Boyer’s Diamonds customers loyal.

“We are not in the business to price gouge or make the most we can. We want to offer fine jewelry and stones for the best price” because they want “lifetime customers”.

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Boyer's Diamonds appraisal

Boyer’s Diamonds at Town Center’s goal is to continue to grow as a company by offering the best training to our staff and a career path that inspires our employees to grown and learn. They love being able to support the local economy by creating jobs that turn into lifelong careers. Currently, more than two-thirds of their staff has been there for more than a decade. It helps to be part of charitable organizations as well as business networking groups to develop growth within their business and community.

The freedom to be with their family and friends has given them the ability to create something sustainable from only an idea to something that provides a livelihood for many. Being able to be in the jewelry business, the chance to be a part of special occasions on a typical day, is an incredible thing to be involved.

Boyer’s Diamonds at Town Center can be found at:
4545 Main St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.
(757) 497-4110.