Jessy’s Taco Bistro is a fresh and authentic Mexican restaurant located on 20th St in Norfolk, opened in 2015 and owned by Jorge Romero. The original Jessy’s Taqueria was opened by his father, Alejandro Romero in Wilson, North Carolina in 1996. Mr Romero then opened a second Jessy’s Tienda in Ocean View, eventually passing the torch down to Jorge, Jessica and Hugo Romero.

Jessy’s Taco Bistro takes a different approach to the other restaurants by offering more types and styles of tacos while still remaining street style. The aim was to bring Jessy’s flavor in a bistro setting. They succeeded beyond expectations, now expanding to three separate locations. Jessy’s Taco Bistro provides a great atmosphere and great food, standing apart from their competitors by serving fresh ingredients and flavors, all while maintaining a great family environment and offering great service.

Owner, Jorge Romero says, “Our future goal is to continue to grow a following in the community for years to come. We are moving forward by putting forth consistent hard work with a consistent product, monitoring closely the service our team provides, and adjusting where needed in a timely manner.” Although they have had much success, they feel there is always room to grow, especially in customer service. With that in mind, they have implemented a rigorous training and evaluation system for employees.

Jessy's exterior photo
Inside Jessy's Taco Bistro

Jessy’s connects to the community by staying involved in the events around the neighborhood by bringing and catering food or giving away or donating gift cards. After his father decided to retire, Jorge Romero wished he knew how much people love fresh, home style cooking. It took him three years after taking over to come to this realization. The best part about owning his own business, he says, is that “You answer to no one and your only limits are your desires. There has been little change since my father owned the business. Having grown up the same way, the only change has been to take the boss’s position after his retirement.”

Jorge’s advice for those interested in starting your own business is to be sure that you are knowledgeable about your product and not just because you like it or because it looks fun or interesting as it will lower your chances of succeeding and you can be very “dependent on the depth of your wallet.”

To enjoy their fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine, visit them at 328 W. 20th St, Norfolk, VA 23517. Check out their website at

Cocktails at Jessy's Taco Bistro