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The Peninsula Pilots are a summer collegiate baseball team in the Coastal Plain League from Hampton, Virginia. The love of baseball and the desire to serve the community is what drove owner Henry Morgan to start his business in 1999.

The baseball team plays at the War Memorial Stadium and has been coached by Hank Morgan for over 17 years (11 seasons). “Our decision to create the Peninsula Pilots was a result of our love of baseball and our desire to serve our community,” Morgan commented.

It means a lot to Morgan to see a family-friendly festival taking place 26-28 times per summer in front of America’s game. “This is the best part of owning our own business,” he says.

“Our goal is to establish ourselves as a premier baseball organization across all levels,” he continued. “Our customer service, passionate fans, and atmosphere sets us apart and helps in achieving this goal.”

One of the challenges they face is trying to compete with other businesses in the entertainment field. The War Memorial had hosted many teams and many leagues over the years, and it has taken time for the community to embrace and trust them.

His advice to someone interested in starting their own business is to “think about the effort you are willing to give, then multiply by 10.”

The team connects to the community by hosting picnics, group events, and community outreach.

If you are interested in learning more about the team, call (757) 245-2222 or check out their website,, where you can view their schedule.

To watch them play, visit the team at 1889 W. Pembroke Avenue, Hampton, VA 23661.