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What started as a way to use their background as Procter & Gamble trained Chemical Engineers to help their family members tackle Type 2 Diabetes, has turned into a much larger mission for Ann-Marie & Ed Stephens. Their business, Precise Portions, aims to make it easy for healthy eating to become habit.

Their core business, to date, has been offering portion control healthware tools that make it easy to plate for portion-deal, tasty balanced meals. They have recently pivoted their business to really zoom in on creating life skills to help consumers easily acquire the confidence to make healthy eating become habit. To this end, they are launching a line of Caribbean Infused Saje Spice Blends. This makes It easy to prep in 3 easy steps yielding super tasty, healthy meals from kitchen to table in 30 minutes or less. You gotta love that!

They also began beta testing a 6-week nutrition bootcamp for people who need more than just tools; they need additional support and guidance to make the change. Check it out at:

There have been many challenges along the way, the biggest was, and continues to be, funding. Ann-Marie states, “The stats are correct that less than six percent of female owned entrepreneurs get funded. Further compounded if you are not in sexy tech … and further with all of the other violations that we live and breathe each day. We deal with this by listening and embracing what we can, and to keep forging ahead. We get more guerilla with time, so this is not all bad for an entrepreneur. We continue to have enormous conviction and are laser focused on the impact we will have on this disease and healthy eating habits as a whole. We will win.”

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When asked what would be some advice to give to other entrepreneurs, they said, “It is not the concept or the necessary flawless execution; it is how you manage adversity, the big rocks in the road that you did not see coming your way. You cannot buckle. You have to ethically do what you need to do to survive another day, and another day and another day.”

One of the biggest lessons they learned along the way was to understand and appreciate the importance of being in the right ecosystem for your niche, whatever that is. [This is where] “the osmosis of ideas and solutions are just seamless. If you are working on a solution for mountain climbing, it’s harder to do that in a beach town for example. Not Impossible, just harder. We made our ability to scale sustainably harder by not initially centering ourselves in an optimum eco-system.”

Precise Portions Bettina Ring, Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry

Their future plans include dominating the global market with their trifecta solution approach. They have already tested the water and, with the assistance of their friends at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), have confirmed that demand exists for their solutions.

To find out more about their business, contact Ann-Marie and Ed at:

200 High Street, Ste 305
Portsmouth, VA 23704
(866) 591-DIET(3438)