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Coaching is a very personal experience and many people don’t necessarily want to reveal to others that they have a life or business coach. But Rebecca Reimers Cristol, life balance coach, believes that everyone could benefit from having a neutral partner to discuss the dilemmas they’re facing.

Through her Life Balance Coach business, Rebecca helps companies increase their profits, reduce stress, improve communication, enhance customer relationships, streamline organizational systems, improve time management, and find optimal work/life balance.

“I also coach individuals who come to me feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed,” she commented. “I guide them in sifting through what’s going on to discover what they really want to do with their time, energy and money. I help them to cut out unsatisfying commitments in their lives, to incorporate self-care and ultimately to create a life that is deeply satisfying.

“My greatest success has been helping my clients achieve what they set out to accomplish. Whether it’s increasing their income, starting a business, writing a novel or carving out time to do what they enjoy most, it is extremely gratifying to see my clients shift their lives.”

Rebecca Reimers Cristol established her business in 2008 and is based out of an office at Work Nimbly in Williamsburg.

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Reimers Cristol was a jewelry artist for 20 years before becoming a business and life coach. She designed, created and marketed her own jewelry, so when launching her coaching business, she already knew first-hand the benefits and struggles of being a business owner.

“My career switch was serendipitous. All day long, while at my jeweler’s bench, my friends would call me with their problems. After an injury, I decided that listening to people and guiding them to be happier would be a satisfying career. I still love making jewelry but I’m passionate about coaching. I still use this creative side to brainstorm about my clients’ dilemmas.”

Her biggest challenges when starting out were finding clients and defining her niche as a coach. “I eventually hired a branding expert and a marketing specialist that turned everything around for me.

“I’ve learned that you should hire out what you don’t do well. I wish I had understood the difference between marketing a product and a service. That is so obvious now! My jewelry was a product, but my coaching is a service. Women will tell others about where to buy my earrings but are more private about telling someone that I’m their coach.”

When asked what advice she would give to fellow entrepreneurs, she said, “Everyone has advice, but ultimately listen to your own voice when making decisions. Pay attention to what’s not working and be curious about solutions. Sometimes you have to take a risk to get to where you want to be. Get outside of your comfort zone! Pace yourself, you’ll get there!”

Throughout the past two decades she has also served on multiple non-profit boards. She has done everything from writing grants for the Harp Club to serving as the Secretary for the Williamsburg Area Arts Commission. Reimers Cristol has lived in her community for 23 years and attends lots of local networking and social events.

Rebecca doesn’t rest on her laurels though. Her plans for the future include offering retreats in relaxing and beautiful locations, like the beach or mountains! That’s something that we could all use!

Contact Rebecca Reimers Cristol at:
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