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Theresa Stewart Hupp opened Stewart Gallery to provide quality and original art to collectors and art enthusiasts in a relaxed, inviting setting. “At the time I had been taking oil painting and clay classes for about six years,” Hupp said. “And, although I do not have an art background, I feel I have a good eye for color and what is pleasing to a wide range of people.”

Stewart Gallery was originally established in 2012, in Richmond. They moved to Main Street in Gloucester in 2015, closing the Richmond location. It is a fine arts gallery focusing on the promotion of Mid-Atlantic and Southern artists. Stewart Gallery represents more than forty artists with paintings from abstract to realism, landscapes and still lifes, specializing in Virginia landscapes. Contemporary sculptural objects in metal, glass, wood and clay are showcased throughout the gallery space.

Like most entrepreneurs, owner Hupp’s biggest challenge when starting out was having to do everything herself to keep costs down. In the process, she learned bookkeeping procedures, how to build and maintain a website, and also curate, install, and promote art shows.

“Owning my own company continues to be a challenge in time and resource management,” she said. “The joys of knowing I am helping my community, providing jobs, promoting art and making lasting personal relationships far outweigh the many challenges owning my own company presents.”

Her current challenges include letting the public know who they are, where they are, and how art can become part of their everyday life. They deal with this challenge using social media—Facebook, Instagram and Constant Contact email blasts—as well as keeping their website current and visually appealing.

Along the art gallery’s (and her own personal) journey, she has come to realize, “it is impossible to promote all artists that want you to represent them and to fill the gallery with quality pieces. You have to help some artists in ways that do not include showing their work. One of my favorite things about owning an art gallery is to help an emerging artist take that next step. It could be establishing their website or tips on how to best display their work. I love to learn the details of a particular medium or process used to create an extraordinary effect or piece of art.”

One of their greatest successes has been being a part of the Gloucester Arts Festival and helping to bring “plein air painting” to Gloucester County. They feel they are the premier Fine Arts Gallery on the Middle Peninsula offering a gallery space that is fresh, inviting, and open six days a week.

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Future goals include growing their customer base as well as the number of artists they represent. They will continue to connect with the community through the Main Street Association, First Friday events, along with the continued support of all local art venues.

Visit Stewart Gallery at:
6655 Main St, Gloucester VA 23061
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11AM to 5PM
Tel: (804) 693-2696