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Salt therapy is not a new idea but it’s a fairly new concept for Americans. Back in 1843, a Polish physician noticed that workers at a salt mine did not suffer from the lung disorders that were common at the time. He developed a therapy based on the theory that the salt protected the miners from a variety of ailments.

The famous “Wieliczka” Salt Mine was the world’s first underground health resort, providing beneficial treatments for people who suffered from asthma, COPD, infections of the lower and upper respiratory tracts, and allergies. Williamsburg Salt Spa owner Agnieszka Drygala used the Wieliczka model to create her own salt cave. The unique micro-climate found in the salt cave not only increases the body’s immunity, but also brings a heightened sense of relaxation, so badly needed by many in this day and age.

Their entrepreneurial journey started when they moved to the US and decided to open a new business; something that was unique and different. Their dream of creating a one-of-a-kind salt spa was realized in November 2008 upon the opening of the Williamsburg Salt Spa, the first of its kind on the East Coast.

But being a fairly new concept to US consumers brought many challenges. One of the biggest challenges they had was to convince their guests that they opened their business for a good reason – to bring relief to people suffering from any type of respiratory issue. Since salt therapy was unknown to the public in 2008, their marketing strategies focused on educating their guests and the surrounding community about the benefits of salt therapy.

Williamsburg Salt Spa Salt Cave

This resulted in steady growth and high demand, enabling them to open seven days a week, as well as expanding their offerings. In 2012, they added their first massage room. In 2015, they added two float tanks in a second building. In early 2018, they added the newest technology, infrared sauna, in order to provide their guests a full wellness experience. In addition, their gift shop includes a wide selection of salt lamps, as well as natural soaps, scrubs, bath salts, and Sterling Silver Amber jewelry from the Baltic Sea.

Like many small businesses, it is a constant challenge to find the right employees who will provide the best customer service and unforgettable experience to their customers. But, as entrepreneurs, they understand that owning a business is not easy and comes with challenges, “but definitely it is the best journey ever!”

The freedom it provides to work around their personal and family life is one of the major benefits they believe of being business owners. “We encourage aspiring business owners to believe in themselves and in their dreams.”

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Williamsburg Salt Spa Salt Cave