Retail Alliance announced this week that Norma Dorey, owner of Changes City Spa and Jake’s Place in Norfolk, is the recipient of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement award to be presented at their Retailer of the Year event on May 30, 2019.

“Norma encapsulates all the elements that we look for in our Lifetime Achievement Award winners”, said Ray Mattes, President/CEO of Retail Alliance. “Norma’s dedication and loyalty to her business, her staff, her guests, and the community are just a few of the reasons she deserves this award,” Ray Mattes commented.

“Her hard work, determination, consistency, and commitment have resulted in a business not only surviving but thriving in an ever-changing industry and economic environment.

“She is a strong advocate for the community and local businesses,” he continued. “She has served on several local boards and received numerous awards through the years, always believing her purpose in life was to serve others and to give back to those who shared their knowledge with her.”

Norma started her career at 19 years old. She attended, and then taught, under the guidance and mentorship of Margaret Hicks, at Hicks Beauty Academy in Norfolk, until she opened her own salon in 1983. She has succeeded in building her business and continuing to grow, year after year. Changes City Spa and Jake’s Place now employ over 90 staff in the heart of Norfolk’s historic Ghent.

“I’ve been rewarded with helping to grow the people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” Norma says. “The growth of my business can be attributed to the growth of my people, which can be attributed to partnering with vendors to bring world class education and training to them.”

“While the challenge when opening my business was getting a loan, now it’s keeping up with technology and social media!”, Norma laughed.

“Thankfully, I have several talented employees that are more knowledgeable than me and allow me to focus on quality service as they keep the salon moving into the 21st century.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award looks at a variety of criteria, including: longevity; profitability; community involvement; reputation; visual merchandising; aesthetics; and they need to be a retail merchant. Previous winners are: 2018: Willis Furniture (Ben Willis); 2017: W.T. Patrick & Sons (Cary Patrick); 2016: Decorum Furniture; 2015: Goodman & Sons; 2014: Dan Ryan; 2013: Mary Barnett.

Retail Alliance’s Retailer of the Year awards is to be held at NOAH’s Event Venue in Chesapeake on May 30th from 6:00PM–9:00PM. Click here to get tickets.