Episode 54 (January 14, 2022) Lindsey Germono, the owner of Germono Advertising Company, stops by the show to discuss the difference between short-term and long-term marketing plans, the importance of trends, and how to utilize social media to best connect with your audience.

Sponsored by Langley Federal Credit Union

Episode 53 (December 30, 2021) We sit down with Brian Cade, owner of Strength From Within, to talk about the three pillars of his fitness and health business; fitness and weight loss, posture alignment therapy, and mind shift and personal growth.

Sponsored by SKY4-TV.

Episode 52 (December 17, 2021) Ashley McAchran, owner of All the Rage Stores, stops by the show to talk about how she grows and builds her business.

Sponsored by Old Point National Bank.

Episode 51 (December 3, 2021) We’re joined by the Soul Sisters of Tea, Kristina Walden-Hillard and Erin Walden to talk about Soul Stir, their tea and wellness company.

Sponsored by Lynnhaven Mall.

Episode 50 (November 19, 2021) We have three health care clinics on the show to talk about how they provide care for those who lack health insurance or are covered by Medicaid. If you need help with your health care costs, you do not want to miss this podcast!

Sponsored by the Norfolk Admirals.

Episode 49 (November 5, 2021) We’re joined by Sarah Kiah Morton and Ron Morton, co-owners of LOCKGREEN, to talk about their business’s mission to protect, educate, and support the values of responsible marijuana consumers in Virginia.

Sponsored by Work/Place @ E-Commerce Center of Hampton.

Episode 47 (October 22, 2021) Loretta Dunn joins the show to talk about her unique nonprofit Working Class Karma. Learn how she connects local artists and creatives with nonprofits and hosts events to raise money for our community.

Sponsored by Chesapeake Square Mall.

Episode 47 (October 8, 2021) Marco Myers of the Norfolk Admirals stops by the show to talk about the team’s past, present, and future. We discuss the upcoming season, their new affiliation with the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, and how businesses can get involved with the Admirals.

Sponsored by HRBOR – Hampton Roads LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce.

Episode 46 (September 24, 2021) Sarah Gallagher stops by the show to talk about her women’s clothing brand, Gallagher. Listen in to learn more about the fashion industry, what it’s like to be a first-time entrepreneur, and some fascinating details about opening a store during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sponsored by Downtown Hampton Development Partnership.

Episode 45 (September 10, 2021) We’re joined by Patti Howell, owner of Hickory Trading Company, to talk about how she uses her unique local coffee house and gift shop to help support her non-profit dedicated to serving those with special needs.

Sponsored by Russell’s Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric.

Episode 44 (August 27, 2021) We sit down with Jamie and Danell Skinner to talk about how they started their family-owned, all-natural cosmetic company. Join us as we learn how they overcame struggles and found their success in the 44th episode of the Retail Is Podcast.

Sponsored by The Shops at Hilltop.

Episode 43 (August 6, 2021) Our very own LOVEVA Marketing Coordinator, Abby Schiano, stops by the show to talk about LOVEVA. She also goes into detail on how she’s been using Instagram to reach a greater audience than ever before. You will not want to miss out on her tips for expanding your Instagram!

Sponsored by ValPak.

Episode 42 (July 23, 2021) Grace from Droofin joins us to talk about the local beer delivery service. Listen in to learn how they are partnering with Hampton Road’s breweries to get great beers into the hands of customers all around the region.

Sponsored by Eggleston Services.

Episode 41 (July 9, 2021): We’re joined by Gary Hughes, owner of Gangsta Dog, to talk about his dog treat (and much more!) business. We explore the history of the company name, his love for the area, and what he’s doing to make sure his business stands out.

Episode 40 (June 25, 2021): It’s June and that means Pride Month! To celebrate, we sit down with Christian Strange, HRBOR, to talk about Virginia’s first LGBTQ+ chamber of commerce. We learn all about their mission, what pride month means to them, and what we can do to support LGBTQ+ businesses in Hampton Roads.

Episode 39 (June 11, 2021): Jim White, Jim White Fitness, joins us on the show to talk about his journey from a young man with $400 in his pocket and an idea to a business owner with multiple locations. Plus tons of fitness talk and we learn his favorite exercise and meal. Listen now!

Episode 38 (May 28, 2021): We sit down for a chat with Mark Bernecker, Cloud9, to talk about the cloud-based VoIP service provider. The talk goes from where the technology is heading to a quiz of all the acronyms that fill his field!

Episode 37 (May 14, 2021): We talk with Andy Sutter, Freedom Boat Club, about how he was able to navigate COVID-19 and handle the sudden increase in boating interest brought on by the pandemic.

Episode 36 (April 30, 2021): We are joined by Ginnele Shonyo, co-owner of Southern Eats, in this episode of the Retail Is Podcast. Together we talk about her and her husband’s journey to opening their first restaurant, the struggles that COVID-19 has brought, and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Episode 35 (April 16, 2021): We are joined by Walt Gardner, owner of Village Bicycles, to talk about the fascinating journey he went through to eventually own the very store he worked in as a young boy. We also talk about how they are handling the pandemic and the increased interest in biking it has caused.

Episode 34 (March 30, 2021): Ken Lees joins us to talk about his charity foundation, PingPong.Gives. A foundation that combines two of his passions, helping those in need and ping pong.

Episode 33 (March 16, 2021): We sit down with Adam Connolly, co-owner of Capstan Bar Brewing, to talk about business, brothers, and of course, beer!

Episode 32 (March 2, 2021): Phil Smith, owner of Brick Anchor Brewhouse stops by the show to talk about how he works with both the local and business community to support not just his business, but all the other downtown Norfolk businesses near him.

Episode 31 (February 16, 2021): Two guests for the price of one! We are joined by Jodi Newland and AJ Hyman, Sweetwater Cuisine, to talk not only about their restaurant, but also the two charities they run, Daniel’s Grace and The Full Circle Project.

Episode 30 (February 02, 2021): Kathy Yevak, SKY4-TV, joins us to talk about how the pandemic has effected them and all the things they are doing to help support local businesses during this time. We also learn what movies and shows have been played most on their channel over the last 20 years!

Episode 29 (January 19, 2021): We are joined by the owner of Scratch Bakery, Lashonda Sanford, to talk about her time competing on the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship. She tells us what is was like behind the scenes and how her success on the program has impacted her business.

Episode 28 (January 5, 2021): We are joined by Kaycee McCoy and Shizuka Benton, owners of Pawsnickety Pets, to talk about the kinds of decisions one must make when deciding to open a business during a pandemic.

Episode 27 (December 22, 2020): Matthew Netardus, Security 101, joins us to talk about the latest security trends for retailers and business owners, COVID-19’s impact on the industry, and what you can do to protect your business this holiday season.

Episode 26 (December 8, 2020): Pamela Katrancha, Garden Gazebo, joins us as we talk about mentorship, making adjustments, keeping up with trends, and advice for those starting a new business.⁠

Episode 25 (November 23, 2020): In this episode of the Retail Is Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Denise Foster, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, and owner of HempHaven in Chesapeake. Dr. Foster shares with us her passion for the medicinal potential of cannabis and CBD, and why she decided to open up her store to help educate people on the benefits.

Episode 24 (November 10, 2020): Bryan Salerno, owner of Jersey Cards & Comics, joins us for a fascinating look into rediscovering one’s passion for their business. We also discuss his unique take on customer service and how he manages his team when it comes to sales training.

Episode 23 (October 27, 2020): Kylie and special guest host Karen Husselbee, Retail Alliance’s newest Membership Advisor, sit down for a virtual chat with Becky Devlin, owner of HortiCulture Design Co., to talk about her experience opening a new business during the pandemic, and how she has been doing since then.

Episode 22 (October 13, 2020): We sit down for a virtual cup of coffee with Kate Dininny, Manger of Coaster Coffee, to talk about what it takes to create a community-focused coffee shop and how that community helped them during the early months of COVID-19.

Episode 21 (September 29, 2020): Mary Landgrebe, Retail Inventory Solutions, joins us to talk about retail trends that have appeared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk about what she is doing in her business, the landscape of the retail environment, and our most recent STRIVE Workshop.

Episode 20 (September 15, 2020): Paul Atkinson Sr., CEO of Eggleston, joins us to talk about how his company works to help underserved members of our community through training and employment. We also discuss their 65th year anniversary, some fascinating company history, and their response to COVID-19.

Episode 19 (September 1, 2020): Bobby Wright, Wright Industries, joins us for a talk that features big ideas, future projects, local history lessons, and some positive messages in this difficult time.

Episode 18 (August 3, 2020): Chris Shelton, Co-Owner of Cure Coffeehouse, joins us to talk about the rewards, challenges, and pitfalls one experiences when co-owning a business. We also get into how you can get through a crisis while still maintaining a vision of expansion and growth.

Episode 17 (July 14, 2020): We have a great chat with Brad and Amy Hart, Hauser’s Jewelers, about how they feel being awarded the Retail Alliance Retailer of the Year 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award. We discuss what went into the decision to award them, their endurance in business (they have been around for 122 years!), reputation, product quality, and community involvement.

Episode 16 (July 6, 2020): We sit down and chat with the multi-talented Jenny Crittenden. Jenny is an integral part of the Gloucester and Virginia business, tourism & arts community, wearing multiple hats including Executive Director of Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust; representing small brick and mortar retail in Governor of Virginia’s Private Business Taskforce for Reopening Virginia; Chair of Legislative Committee of the Retail Alliance Board of Directors, and more!

Episode 15 (June 18, 2020): Parking lot line dancing? Yes, please! Kylie sits down with Cindy Norge, CB Studios (formally Country Bootleggers Dance Studio), to talk about how she got started, her growth to different styles of dance, online classes in response to COVID-19, and of course, her popular parking lot line dancing.

Episode 14 (June 3, 2020): “Get out there and give back to the community. We’ve had our tailors the last two weeks making masks and we’re going to donate them to CHKD. We’re all in this together. We have to look out for each other.”

-Phil Scotti, Philip Michael Fashion for Men

Phil joins us for this week’s Retail Is Podcast to talk about how he has responded to COVID-19, his dedication to supporting his community, his commitment to his staff, and a little about how he got into the fashion industry.

Episode 13 (May 13, 2020): Lori Janke, Clothes Mentor/Once Upon A Child Newport News, joins us to talk about the impact COVID-19 has had on her and other retail business owners.

Episode 12 (May 7, 2020): Brenda Tusing, The Royal Chocolate, joins us to talk about the effect Coronavirus has had on their business and the retail industry as a whole.

Episode 11 (May 4, 2020): We have a Zoom call with Jennifer Harris, owner of Cottage LunaSea, about her response to the Coronavirus, and how she is using this experience to learn and grow as a business owner.

Episode 10 (April 6, 2020): We sit down with Jim Abicht, owner of The Christmas Store, to talk about what it’s like to run and market a niche store all year round.

Episode 9 (March 9, 2020): Barbara Ewell, Retriever Merchant Services, joins us to talk about everything you have ever wanted to know about credit card processing but were too afraid to ask.

Episode 8 (February 24, 2020): Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker of Red Hawk Strategic Solutions joins us to talk about the art of the follow-through and how to take your meet and greets to the next level.

Episode 7 (February 10, 2020): We sit down with Courtney Adkins, ShopTalk, to discuss what is ahead for retail in 2020 and beyond.

Episode 6 (February 5, 2020): Russ and Stephanie Gilbert, owners of The Dirty Buffalo, join us to talk about what it takes to run a successful restaurant, how they managed to franchise their own, and much, much more.

Episode 5 (January 10, 2020): We sit down with Kate Baker of the Virginia Retail Federation to talk about the upcoming Virginia General Assembly, what she is doing to help retailers out, and what retailers can do to help her.

Episode 4 (December 30, 2019): Sonya Schweitzer, owner of The Intentional Marketer, joins us to talk about some of the best things you can do to market your business on a limited budget.

Episode 3 (December 13, 2019): Lindsey Germono, Germono Advertising Company, stops by the office to chat with us about creating a social media marketing plan for the new year.

Episode 2 (November 27, 2019): Mary Landgrebe from Retail Inventory Solutions shares her views on why Retail Is Not Dead and provides suggestions to help your store during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Episode 1 (November 14, 2019): We sit down with Retail Alliance’s own Lisa Renee Jennings, LOVEVA Program Manager, to talk about Buy Local Month, the LOVEVA app, and the importance of buying local.