Retail Think Tank: Peer Exchange Group

//Retail Think Tank: Peer Exchange Group

Retail Think Tank: Peer Exchange Group

retailthinktanklogoHave you ever had an issue you wanted to talk to fellow business owners about and really get into the weeds of how they handled it?

And how you could take their experience and use it to help your own business?

Exclusive to Retail Alliance members, we have launched a retail peer exchange group (PEG) that allows like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders to come together to discuss and explore a wide range of important common ground issues facing them in a confidential and trusted environment. PEGs work on the principle that, by providing an honest exchange of ideas and experiences, participants can increase their success potential in their professional and personal lives.

Groups that work well offer their members an unequaled source of information, ideas and, when needed, support. Our first think tank was held in our Norfolk office with eight retailers. The second Think Tank for this group is scheduled for June 28, 2017 and, depending on interest, we would like to launch a Peninsula one.

Our mission for the Retail Think Tank is clear:

  • To build a group of retail owners committed to personal and professional growth.
  • To provide a safe environment where retail owners can share openly to learn and support one another.
  • To share best practices with a group of noncompeting retail owners dedicated to success.

Our members share so many similar challenges. In fact, we would say there are very few challenges that are unique to any one retailer. Please contact Ray Mattes at if you are interested in joining a Peninsula Retail Think Tank or have any questions.

What past participants say about the Retail Think Tank:

“I find the Peer Exchange Group meetings to be of great value…as a fairly new business owner (we’ve been open 4 years now), it’s a great way to get real, unfiltered input from other business owners who’ve been in the game much longer. Having different types of businesses represented and people who have been running businesses for varying amounts of time gives everyone a chance to learn something valuable and to possibly help with a fellow entrepreneur’s particular issue. Information shared could be anything from finding ways to increase your bottomline to learning ways to use social media and other non-traditional marketing/advertising to get more people through your doors. Because it’s a safe place where confidentiality is ensured, we can share as much detail as we are comfortable with so the help we receive is directly related to our specific business.”
– Barbara, The Creative Wedge

“I see a lot of value in my RA membership. It’s why I am so committed so committed to the organization and serve on the Board. Of all the things that I have done with Retail Alliance, the Peer Exchange Group (Think Tank) is the most valuable thing I have done. It is so valuable because we get time for professional development, which is often neglected with self employment. And, we help each other solve the most pressing problems facing our businesses. The idea is that there is more knowledge in a room with others than on our own. This helps us make an action plan, that day, to address what we feel is important/vital to our business.”
– Lori, Clothes Mentor / Once Upon A Child