Ciniva’s Campaign Director, Aidan Molloy takes viewers on a deep dive into marketing small businesses over social media. This presentation includes everything from how to choose the right platform for your business to how to run the right type of ads for your audience and campaign goals.

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Via Inside Business – With holiday shopping well under way, small businesses can use social media as “digital billboards” to compete in the marketplace, a marketing expert said.

“I think it’s really key that everyone kind of look at their overall marketing goals and see how social media fits into that strategy,” said Aidan Molloy, Ciniva’s campaign director.

He shared the latest social media marketing tools to help small businesses further their reach on Nov. 10 in a free virtual workshop hosted by the Retail Alliance, a regional retail advocacy organization.

Well-versed in the industry for the past 10 years, Molloy is in charge of digital and social media strategies, digital campaigns, copywriting, scriptwriting, and any execution of channel content for clients of the Norfolk-based creative and digital marketing agency.

He kicked off the presentation with a quote by the late David Ogilvy, known as the “Father of Advertising”: “Don’t address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium. When people read your copy, they are alone.”

“I think this is so important, especially for social media,” Molloy said. “Very often, and for good reasons, small businesses often utilize social media as like a PR tool, which is great, but they treat content and posting almost like a megaphone.”

To make engaging ads, he said it’s important to achieve peer-to-peer advertising and speak to the customer as if they were the only one reading an ad.

He chose to focus his talk on Facebook Business Manager and Instagram for Business, which he referred to as powerful tools, ideal business advertising platforms and extremely useful for reporting and analytics.

“They have some of the biggest return on investment for advertising, and they are also kind of the most business-friendly right now,” Molloy said.

Creating high quality content that obeys the algorithm of the channel and engages followers is the most difficult part of any social media strategy, he said.

“We really have to look at every single post as an actual piece of the brand,” he said. “It needs to reinforce identity, tone and visual style.”

Molloy walked the two dozen participants through Facebook Business Manager’s audience insight tools — a one-stop shop to create a business campaign. The tool shares a variety of particulars about audiences including relationship status, education level and job title.

“All of these audience insights are extremely important because when you go to build the ad, you’re going to actually target that audience by a lot of these behaviors, interests and demographics,” he said.

Advertising on social media is equivalent to bidding and competing against other businesses vying for the same or similar audience, he said. A well-targeted ad with a good creative and message can beat out competitors in that ad space.

Within the creative hub, business owners can build an ad mock-up and share it for team or leadership approval before it goes live.

“It’s a really great tool to just see what your advertising will actually look like in user’s feeds across Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace and all of these amazing places,” he said. “Once you get familiar with this tool, it’s insanely powerful.”

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Aidan Molloy, campaign director for Ciniva, a Norfolk-based creative and digital marketing agency, presented “Strive: Social Media Marketing- Small Business Deep Dive” on Nov. 10. (Courtesy / HANDOUT)