Do you know anyone who has walked into a store before and decided to buy it? It doesn’t happen often, but Jonathan Cotten is one of those people.

Jonathan Cotten came from a corporate background in sales. He had traveled extensively for work and wanted to be more engaged in his local community. After developing plantar fasciitis from running, and visiting The Good Feet Store to buy products, he left the store and decided to buy it!

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The Good Feet Store is a national franchised organization that sells a proprietary product line of arch supports, plus a selection of shoes and foot-related accessories. They offer a lifetime warranty product that relieves pain in feet, knees, hips, and lower back.

After purchasing the Newport News store in 2014, the first challenge he faced was hiring the right people that fit with his overarching need to create the culture he sought.

That meant developing the right compensation and environment to attract choice employees. He knew how important it was to develop values and a mission and then integrate those principles into every aspect of the business.

It has worked well for Jonathan so far! He has found the best part of owning his own business is working with great employees, customers and the community at large. As he says, “America is a great country and being a business owner is a great privilege.”

Looking back to when he started his own business, his advice to himself would be to, “Worry less and don’t make decisions out of fear. Develop the framework as soon as possible for business processes throughout the organization.”

If your feet are suffering from standing all day (and what retailer doesn’t suffer!), contact Jonathan at The Good Feet Store in Newport News to get some advice and help!

Jonathan now owns three stores and is planning to add more stores in Greater DC and throughout Virginia and Maryland.

Visit The Good Feet Store locally at:

12515 Jefferson Ave, #600
Newport News. VA 23602
Tel: (757) 249-7700