The 2019 General Assembly Session begins January 9th and will last 45 days. This means it will be a short session; and therefore, very fast paced! The margins in the House and Senate are very tight, with Republicans maintaining a slim majority in both chambers.

In light of the recent United States Supreme Court decision in Wayfair v. South Dakota, we will be fighting for a level playing field for Virginia’s brick and mortar retailers. In doing so, we are supporting legislation that creates equity between brick and mortar retailers and online only retailers. We will be reaching out to our membership with VRF Legislative Alerts on the issue, so make sure to engage via those alerts.

In addition to Sales Tax Fairness, we expect to see many of the same issues that have come up in past Sessions. These include: minimum wage increase, mandated paid sick leave, mandated paid family leave, product bans, plastic bag bans, predictive scheduling, and many more labor issues. We will continue to be your voice at the General Assembly opposing these pieces of legislation that have a negative impact on business in Virginia.

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On June 21 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair that online sellers can be required to collect sales tax. Overturning the precedent set in 1992 by Quill Corp V. North Dakota.

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Online sellers who are not required to collect sales tax are given an unfair price advantage over local brick-and-mortar merchants.

States are beginning to move forward in an effort to collect the more than $25 billion that is being left on the table. This disparity has threatened jobs provided by local retailers and has only grown as more shopping has moved online.

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The Virginia General Assembly is scheduled to VOTE on this issue in the upcoming session when the General Assembly reconvene in January. Make your voice heard. Reach out to your legislator TODAY!

For advocacy-related questions, please contact:

Kate Baker •  • (919) 215-6273

Jodi Roth • • (804) 690-4940